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If I look after the sounds, will the senses look after themselves?

Arnhem (NL)



“It’s like you’re right where you are supposed to be. It feels like everything is complete for a moment. Then, again, it disappears and deconstructs itself. But for a moment, just for an instant, it feels like everything is in the right place; that you are in the right place specially. That everything in the universe is in the right place, but it’s in your own universe. It’s about perfectness.We desire perfectness. We go towards perfectness. It’s an instant. It’s a moment of pleasure as well, where things match. It’s a moment of fulfillment. And then, there is this moment of crisis when you lose it, and then you go towards to it again. It’s grey, just right in the middle between black and white. And it’s an infinite space. It is in between of everything. It’s just in the middle of all possible two polarities. You are immersed in the perfectness, immersed in this space. You’re dissolved in it. Everything in the universe has two polarities, two extremes, and this space is an average of every possible extreme. Everything has something that is the opposite to it, and there is this whole full of extremities. And then, if they are mixed together; if we find something exactly in between, this is a grey place, which, if it was possible to extend it and stretch it at the infinite, it would be a grey infinite space. Which is a perfect space. But it’s unreachable because we cannot make all that happen at once.”



"It’s an expression that comes from the back of the throat, and gets stronger.
It is a combination between a reluctance to proceed –that can get to the great dispair to go on– and a big desire to do it. So it is the experience of these two opposing forces, crunching together. In some point there is a climax in the highest point or in the deepest darkest depth. So you find yourself being alone in a vast landscape, and you don’t know where you are or where you belong to or why you are there. It’s a painful situation. A pain that comes from not understanding an experience or a state. So you have to get to the extreme of dispair and go through it, in order to be able to go on. Then you find the freedom to proceed." 



"The quiet moment in between waves. Moment when you feel a bit self centered. You feel a kind of waves that sometimes are not going anywhere so you have to sit for a while and wait. When you are searching for something but that is not necessarily on the top of your consciousness. There is a kind of confusion but also a kind of excitement." 



“When you get super self aware, suddenly I can hear my voice really loud and I can go so deep into something, and this momentum is gaining and gaining, and I’m so into it that I get emotional. I don’t lose my rationality. I’m more focused, but at a certain point there’s something which takes me out something even physical that drags me out. It’s nice to be suddenly so hyper aware of the self. And maybe this sucking out, this sucking yourself out of a situation, which it just happens, it’s even more interesting. And you realize also yourself being part of the surrounding. It’s not just yourself. It’s so easy to think there’s just this inside, because it seems like the intense thing where things happen, and this sucking out moment is so short... and you forget it really fast again. And it’s maybe worth to capture this moment.”



“It’s a distress. It’s not a pleasure. it’s a moment closer to panic.

It is like an energy that you produce to make something, so it’s positive. My mind is just paralyzed the body is more voluntary than the mind, so the body is just preparing itself to the war, and produces adrenaline as a material to fight. While the mind is always going back and forth dealing with strategy. 

It’s an arm that points to something. It’s an orientation. It’s my arm. This forefinger is the idea of connecting things. It’s the same idea than when you invite someone. The finger is pointing something that is not really near. It engages you fully: your mind, your body. The hand as a super intelligent part of the body that is really connected to the mind; not like the feet that are more instinctives.”



“It’s a very empty and fertile space that it doesn’t yet give you much perspective or something to hold on to. But it’s you entering in that space voluntarily. And setting out of roots that will lead you to the next steps. But I think that first space it feels big and empty, and this is what simultaneously attracts me and make me doubt. I think it’s a space in which there’s nothing that my eye can rest on. It’s like looking through all the space, and there ain’t nothing that interrupts the space. It’s something uninterrupted. Free of our gaze, free of interruption, free of our intervention. It’s a fertile emptiness, so it’s not a loneliness. It’s a feeling of expansion. It’s like your can expand yourself into that space. And it’s like that space can become part of you, and you become part of that space. So it’s this expansion feeling. It’s like a silent sound. it’s like hot air that goes through space you can see it but it’s not something that you can touch, and I don’t know if it has smell there’s something troubling about it.”



""It is an agressive mode. When the temperature is too high and you losethe sensations. It is an uncomfortable moment. When a taste is nice but it is too rich. When a perfume smells too much. When there is no air, no sound. It's a sort of nausea. It is very repetitive, like a loop."



"It is like the ripples on a very still flat surface, just after a thrown rock expands a ripple." 



"Composed by real and illusive. It is the moment when you are lingering between these two spaces, half living in the illusion and half living in the reality. An interdimensional space between the illusion and the reality. When you are in the middle of a shift while keeping the fragments from one or the other space, because the movement can be in both directions. It is a moment of strange awareness, embodying these two spaces at once. When the real has the quality of a liquid density that moves so slow that looks like it is not moving at all; so it seems to be also larger. The illusive is the same thing in spectrum. It has the quality of a liquid which movement is much faster but harder to perceive. So you need to find the way to slow the image down to be able to see it clearly. Otherwise, it is too blurry, too quickly and too large the movement for your own limited movement, because you’re moving too."



"It is dark blue, metallic, not heavy, with a functional surface, a smooth but metal surface. It is an initiating object. It gives a material shape to an impulse to begin. It is not an existing object, there are just the qualities of this object. It has his own motion. It is a slight side push." 



It comes from filo (love) and umbria (shadow).
The love of shadows. When you leave the spot light of attention to move into the shadows. Speaking shadows Shadows that are talking about what is still unknown."



“It’s something that makes you itch. You don’t know when or where the itching is going to happen. Maybe some itch graps a bit. Or maybe some itch makes you pay more attention to it. Maybe you think your body has some problem, so you need to discover more. It is like a computer but not organized. Other data is floating somewhere. Some that you can find in the desktop. Some other is there but you just don’t know in which folder. And there’s no finding system that you can use to find it directly, so you have to try; to read or to open different folders, whether you have forgot there are folders that you haven’t open yet. The itching is like a finding system that connects to the folders.”



"It’s a state of constant restlessness, a perpetual curiosity. It has to do with coordinating one self in physical terms but also being aware of the coordinates that are played in any given moment. It is an agitation also rooted in a particular place and to a particular set of coordinates that are related with a sense of identity. An agitation attached to certain roots from where you come which are always abstracted and complicated with the different moves that you make or the places that you go or the relationships you have through out your life."



"It is having a tunnel vision. Zooming in one thing at the time. Staring something for a long time. It is like the tripping of the whale when it is trying to assess the distances in itself and other things. It is not necessarily seeking proximity, it is about gauging distances. It is a vision where everything is focused, very nice, clean, crisp. It is an immaterial tunnel" 

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