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The video installation Moments of pleasure (2015), focuses on the language of scientific description and its re-signification / transformation in the Carla Lonzi's vocabulary. The installation consists of a video editing in black and white in which come in succession a number of mouths (different from each other by age and sex) while reciting excerpts from "The clitoridian woman and the vaginal woman". The shot tight around the mouth area and the decision to project the image vertically cause an effect of disorientation in the viewer, compared to the image of these mouths speakers arranged in a way that alludes to the female sex. In the first part of the video (which lasts a total of about 5 ') mouths recite parts of the text that linger on the description of the physiological functioning of male and female - and that aim to dispel the myth of the vaginal orgasm - highlighting the 'incontrovertibility of statements that are based on direct experience of every woman and objectivity of the description. This first sequence is followed by another, more theoretical-political and at the same existential, which occupies the second part of the video, whose turning point is represented by this, scanned in two parts, the first by an elderly woman, then by a young, according to which "The woman is not the Great-Mother, the vagina of the world, but the Small Clitoris for her liberation."

Text by Giovanna Zapperi

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