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Acoustic images collection



"The quiet moment in between waves. Moment when you feel a bit self centered. You feel a kind of waves that sometimes are not going anywhere so you have to sit for a while and wait. When you are searching for something but that is not necessarily on the top of your consciousness. There is a kind of confusion but also a kind of excitement." 



""It is an agressive mode. When the temperature is too high and you losethe sensations. It is an uncomfortable moment. When a taste is nice but it is too rich. When a perfume smells too much. When there is no air, no sound. It's a sort of nausea. It is very repetitive, like a loop."



"Composed by real and illusive. It is the moment when you are lingering between these two spaces, half living in the illusion and half living in the reality. An interdimensional space between the illusion and the reality. When you are in the middle of a shift while keeping the fragments from one or the other space, because the movement can be in both directions. It is a moment of strange awareness, embodying these two spaces at once. When the real has the quality of a liquid density that moves so slow that looks like it is not moving at all; so it seems to be also larger. The illusive is the same thing in spectrum. It has the quality of a liquid which movement is much faster but harder to perceive. So you need to find the way to slow the image down to be able to see it clearly. Otherwise, it is too blurry, too quickly and too large the movement for your own limited movement, because you’re moving too."



"It is dark blue, metallic, not heavy, with a functional surface, a smooth but metal surface. It is an initiating object. It gives a material shape to an impulse to begin. It is not an existing object, there are just the qualities of this object. It has his own motion. It is a slight side push." 



"It’s an expression that comes from the back of the throat, and gets stronger.
It is a combination between a reluctance to proceed –that can get to the great dispair to go on– and a big desire to do it. So it is the experience of these two opposing forces, crunching together. In some point there is a climax in the highest point or in the deepest darkest depth. So you find yourself being alone in a vast landscape, and you don’t know where you are or where you belong to or why you are there. It’s a painful situation. A pain that comes from not understanding an experience or a state. So you have to get to the extreme of dispair and go through it, in order to be able to go on. Then you find the freedom to proceed." 



It comes from filo (love) and umbria (shadow).
The love of shadows. When you leave the spot light of attention to move into the shadows. Speaking shadows Shadows that are talking about what is still unknown."



"It is a zigzagging, always moving towards a space where some new knowledge is hidden. It makes you understand that movement towards the future possible. The zigzagging is in between different terrains, between different kinds of knowledge and never in one pattern."



"It’s a state of constant restlessness, a perpetual curiosity. It has to do with coordinating one self in physical terms but also being aware of the coordinates that are played in any given moment. It is an agitation also rooted in a particular place and to a particular set of coordinates that are related with a sense of identity. An agitation attached to certain roots from where you come which are always abstracted and complicated with the different moves that you make or the places that you go or the relationships you have through out your life."



"It’s a process of preparation which means trying to simulate something before you do it. So that when you do it, you’re not full of anxiety. This means you simulate your anxiety first. I may look like it’s trying to control contingency, but it’s really trying to inhabit it. Like becoming familiar with the fact that you cannot control things, and learning to accept that. Proceeding inside uncontrollable conditions. You can only control things if you are inside of a play, inside the small space of a stage. But as soon as you step out of that situation, there is very little what you can control. So it’s about becoming friend with contingency.
You create your own method of preparation, which it is very site specific. To imagine a proceeding and then reverse the engineer or deconstruct the process that leads up to that proceeding. Running the options in your mind and play with all of the options from your point of view and the point of view of the others. So in this two position, trying to imagine expectations. Then trying to include some unexpected surprise. It’s a drama moved from the theater to the world of theory. The relation between the different elements of a specific form of drama. A closure where everything gets completed. Like forces in a small battle, after what we shake hands." 



"It is like the ripples on a very still flat surface, just after a thrown rock expands a ripple." 



"It is a crystallization. It is the result of positive and negative. Positive is what you take in, what you decide to keep. The negative is not there but it was very important in making the final product. It is what is left out, perhaps something that is never said because it is abandoned. There is more doubt than there is confident utterances. So it is the abandon of the doubts. The abandon of the negative. Crystallization is the process that aknowledges the negative in its formulation, but that it has to leave it out because our minds cannot accept everything as a process."



"It is having a tunnel vision. Zooming in one thing at the time. Staring something for a long time. It is like the tripping of the whale when it is trying to assess the distances in itself and other things. It is not necessarily seeking proximity, it is about gauging distances. It is a vision where everything is focused, very nice, clean, crisp. It is an immaterial tunnel" 



"It implies the progression of a sometimes long term process, after which one have to make a decision in order to act. It is like the process when the matter changes from one physical state to another: like the water can have different compositions and turn into various appearances.In one of these states you have to become like a monk. A monk that can also be extremely sociable, since he belongs to a community and works on someting that is connected with the world around him; with the spirit, whatever kind of spirit it is. But then, the most important thing is to really think how can we turn this into the body people are concerned with, regarding on what is really at steak."

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